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Fall Leaves

Gutter Cleaning in Portland and Surrounding Areas

It rains an average of 164 days per year in Portland. With so much rain it is important to have a well functioning gutter system to make sure that water is safely directed away from your homes' foundation. Crux Roof & Gutter Cleaning provides the highest rated gutter cleaning service. Included in your gutter cleaning service is clearing above ground clogs in your downspouts. Our technicians will hand scoop your gutters to ensure that the outside of your gutters, siding, and property stay as clean as when they arrived. 

Our Gutter Cleaning Process

Step 1: A Crux Roof & Gutter Technician will greet you at your door and go over the scheduled service.


Step 2: Using ladders with stabilization bars to stay off your gutters, the technician will hand scoop your gutters into a bucket.


Step 3: Your downspouts will be checked for clogs.


Step 4: Grounds will be picked up and any messes cleaned up.

Included in your service

  • 3 month clog-free guarantee

Cleaned gutters and downspouts in Milwaukie

We are scheduling within 1-2 weeks!

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