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Roof Moss Removal in Portland and Surrounding Areas

Whether you’re looking at selling your home, wanting to improve the health of your home, or just wanting to improve curb appeal - having a moss free roof is one of the best and most affordable ways to achieve those goals. Crux Roof & Gutter cleaning is in Portland, Beaverton, Milwaukie, Lake Oswego, and many other neighborhoods because your neighbors and friends love us!


Pro Tip: You could save some money by scheduling moss removal during the summer months!

Our Moss Removal Process

Step 1: Technicians will set up an anchor system to safely work on your roof.

Step 2; Using brushes, roof moss will be brushed off. Never Pressure Washer.

Step 3: Loose debris will be blown off the roof.

Step 4: Gutters will be cleaned and downspouts checked for clogs.

Step 5: Moss treatment will be applied.


Step 6: Grounds will be picked up and any messes cleaned up.

Included in your service

  • 1 year moss free guarantee

  • 3 month clog-free guarantee

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Now let's take a deeper dive into our process

​Moss is a small nonvascular plant. Nonvascular means it doesn’t have roots and instead anchors itself and absorbs water using a hair-like appendage called a rhizoid. Without roots moss spreads over flat surfaces instead of upward like flowering plants. Roof moss can develop on asphalt and composite shingles, cedar shake, tile, and metal roofs. ​ Moss, over time, will wreak havoc on your roof and concrete structures. As moss gets larger it can start to left up shingles, will deteriorate shingles, can lead to leaks, shorten the life of your roof, reduce home value as it can be unsightly, and can lead to gutter issues as moss falls into your gutters.   For asphalt shingles, including presidential composite roofs, cedar shake, and tile roofs we at Crux Roof & Gutter Cleaning use brushes to remove moss moss from your roof. Once all the moss is removed, technicians will blow the roof clear of all debris including leaves, needles, and branches. Before treating the roof, the gutters will be hand-scooped clean. Next your downspouts are inspected for above ground clogs. We make this distinction because it is common for downspouts to empty into underground drains instead of dispersing the water above ground. Technicians will let you know if there is clog underground but clogs underground should be handled by a plumber or drain company. Depending on your roof type, a dry or liquid moss treatment will be applied.  Moss treatment will be applied to your roof to help prevent moss from coming back. We provide a one year moss free guarantee. That means if you see moss return all you have to do is give us a call. There are no additional fees associated with the guarantee and we will prioritize you and get you scheduled as soon as possible. However, it is best practice to get on a regular maintenance schedule and treat your roof to ensure moss never comes back. The frequency of the maintenance will be discussed with you as it varies on a number of factors. Below we will discuss types of moss treatment. Generally speaking, there are two forms of moss treatment: Dry and liquid treatment. Typically, a dry, granular or powder treatment will be applied to composite roofs. For steep composite roofs, a liquid treatment may be required to ensure treatment is effective. A liquid treatment is recommended for presidential composite, tile, and cedar shake roofs to ensure that treatment gets into all those nooks and crannies. You’ll notice both at your local home depot or lowes and on your quotes from roof cleaning companies that liquid treatment is more expensive than dry treatment.  Algae, or those green stains on your roof, commonly develops on your roof where water flows from an upper gutter then onto the roof on its way to lower gutters. Those stains require a chemical cleaning solution to remove. We can handle that too. At the end of your service your technician will discuss the project with you. As mentioned before, prevention is better and cheaper than treatment. Once moss has been removed from your roof, you will want to get on a maintenance schedule to ensure moss does not return. We at Crux Roof & Gutter Cleaning offer a Recurring Maintenance Program (RMP) to help you stay on top of your roof maintenance as well as to help you save some money. Your technician will discuss this with you but you can also just give us a call with any questions. Check out some of our articles on tips and advice on how you can manage your own roof. But if you want to hand off that job to a professional, give Crux Roof & Gutter Cleaning a call or fill out the form below for a free quote!

Save time and money and get scheduled today!

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